Thomas Harper has joined the Veterans & Military Council Business Initiative of the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce.  According to the Chamber’s website, this new Initiative of the Chamber was developed “to honor and empower the men and women who have served or are serving our country in the United States military and to build a strong network of veterans in business, veteran business owners and active guard/reservists to promote the contributions and competitive advantage that military members bring to any business.”  Joining this council was a natural for Thomas, a decorated Army Major.

Thomas came to Zator Law after years as a trial attorney in the U.S. Army JAG Corps.  He spent more than seven years on active duty as an officer and attorney with the Army JAG Corps. He continues to serve our country in the Army Reserve as a JAG attorney.

Zator Law is proud to support Thomas’s efforts and this unique Chamber initiative.  We currently employee and have in the past, veterans and their families and understand the unique contributions that a business can glean from those who have served our country in the armed forces.

Thomas also serves on the Workers’ Compensation Committee of the Lehigh County Bar Association.