The Time to Hire an Attorney is Now

COVID-19 has and is causing disruption to the American way of life. There is no school, no restaurants, no bars, no business. Everyone is thinking, when is this going to end, what will life be like after this passes, how will my life change?

Life will be different. Things we did before we may not do again. Businesses we frequented may no longer exist. We may have to find a new favorite restaurant, bar, or law firm.

There is one thing that is constant, has been constant for over 25 years, and will remain constant after COVID-19 is a mere memory and that is Zator Law.

Zator Law for the past 25 years has built a reputation as the go to firm for land use, land development, and municipal law.  Starting this year Zator Law is expanding, even during this pandemic, to become the go to firm for criminal defense.

Zator Law’s criminal defense team is headed by Richard Roberts  who brings years of criminal defense and trial experience to the firm and Richard Roberts is here to fight for you.

It is Zator Law’s commitment to the community, current and future clients, and charitable organizations, that ensures we will remain open and our attorneys will remain engaged, employed and ready to fight for you.

While the courthouse doors are closed and while your case may be delayed it doesn’t mean it is going away. When the courthouse opens, and they will open, there will be hundreds if not thousands of cases that need to be rescheduled in a short period of time.  Judges and district attorneys will be in a rush to see these cases pushed through. The time to look for and hire an attorney will not be then. The time to hire an attorney is now.

Many attorneys for the past months may have had their doors closed or will not be able to handle the case load that comes to them after such a layoff. Zator Law is fully staffed and open daily. There will not be an overwhelmed sense here at Zator Law. It will be business as usual.

Our entire staff of attorneys and paralegals are here and ready to get involved in your case, put your case first, and fight for you.

The time to hire an attorney is right now. The best chance for a satisfactory outcome in your case is to get an attorney involved early. Don’t wait for the dust to settle or the fires to be put out because by then it may be too late.

While Zator Law is taking every precaution to ensure the safety and health of our staff and the community, we are open for business. We are available by phone and email. We know that there is a lot on your mind right now, but your criminal case shouldn’t be one of them.

Call Zator Law today, email Zator Law today, contact us here  get us involved and your criminal case will not be one of the many being pushed through. Call us today let us take care of this for you, let us be in your corner, let us take that one thing off your plate, let us fight for you.