Litigation & Arbitration

For businesses and individuals requiring assistance regarding civil litigation, either within the court system or by utilizing dispute resolution through arbitration, Zator Law works to provide efficient and informed representation. We develop and execute strategies for professional, corporate, municipal, and entrepreneurial individuals as well as companies of all sizes. Our experience extends from Federal Court to various courts throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, including Courts of Common Pleas, Commonwealth Court, and the State Supreme Court. Known for our long-standing commitment to client service, we pursue the best ways to approach and resolve litigation issues.

Our Litigation & Arbitration services involve:

  • Real Estate
  • Land Use & Development
  • Estates
  • Commercial and Corporate
  • Employment
  • Environmental
  • Collection
  • Bankruptcy
  • Construction
  • Municipal Disputes

For additional information about Litigation & Arbitration services, we invite you to contact us.