The Lower Mount Bethel Township (“LMBT”) Zoning Hearing Board is conducting a hearing in which Paul North, Jr., the Township Solicitor, is defending its zoning ordinance and agricultural land against a proposed industrial development.  The application of Glidepath, a Montgomery County-based company to build a 61,000-panel solar array on the 130 acre Gravel Hill Property was denied because solar farms are not a permitted use in the conservation and agricultural zoning districts where the property is located.

The Board could award a variance if it decides the ordinances creates a hardship.  However, Township solicitor Paul North questioned the owners of Gildepath and pressed that there are many other activities that are allowed on the property and could make money for the owners.  “Allowed uses that make money do not show an undue hardship,” North said.

The hearing is scheduled to continue at a December 16 virtual meeting.  Read more about the hearing here:  Disputes arise over proposed 130-acre Slate Belt solar farm.

Paul North is Of Counsel at Zator Law and concentrates his legal practice in the civil engineering-related areas of law including land use, zoning, subdivision and land development, municipal law, real estate, and construction law such as contracts and payment and dispute resolution.  Paul is a licensed Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania and has over 30 years’ varied experience as an Attorney and a Civil Engineer combining both of those professions.